Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday July 11th

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend. Well, in 3 more days I am off on a 10 day vacation but when I get back I will be announcing some new stuff for the site which will go into effect on August 1st....I'm going to have a small daily pay section where you can pick the tracks you want, a contest where you can win more selections and fo course the usual free selections every day. I'll post full details when I return as I am still thinking of some other stuff.

  1. 2-6-3-5
  2. 1-6-4-3
  3. 2-4-7-6
  4. 10-1-8-3
  5. 1-8-3-2
  6. 5-1a-4-6
  7. 3-7-2-5
  8. 1-4-6-5
  9. 10-4-7-1

good luck

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