Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Night Live @ Mountaineer

having a bit of a rough night...let's hope for a bit better in the final few races

race 10
win #5
ex 5-3-6 with 5-3-6-4
tri box 5-3-6-4

race 9 results 4-5-2
win #4 $4.40
ex 4-6-1 with 4-6-1-5 $21.00
tri box 4-6-1-5

race 8 results 2-6-3
win #7
ex 7-1-3 with 7-1-3-6
tri box 7-1-3-6

race 7 results 1-5-8
win #9
ex 9-2-4 with 9-2-4-1
tri box 9-2-4-1

race 6 results 5-6-3
win #6
ex 6-2-4 with 6-2-4-8
tri box 6-2-4-8

race 5 results 6-2-10
win #7
ex 7-4-10 with 7-4-10-2
tri box 7-4-10-2

race 4 results 7-6-1
win #3
ex 3-8-6 with 3-8-6-5
tri box 3-8-6-5

race 3 results 10-4-5
win #3
ex 3-10-8 with 3-10-8-6
tri box 3-10-8-6

race 2 results 4-1-9
win #1
ex 1-9-4 with 1-9-4-2 $16.60
tri box 1-9-4-2 $39.60

race 1 results 5-4-7
win #7
ex 7-4-5 with 7-4-5-8 $31.60
tri box 7-4-5-8 $59.00


Anonymous said...

keep it coming,

Anonymous said...

tfh do you use the beyer figures in your handicapping or do you use the basic handicapping rules such as class, speed and what ever. thanks m.a.t.

TFH Capper said...

I use a pace handicapping system that I have kinda tweaked to include Beyers from the last 3 "clean" races

Bryan said...


I am here. Ya Ya!


Anonymous said...

tfh what do you mean by a clean race. thanks for your reply. m.a.t.

TFH Capper said...

no stumbles at start, not blocked in etc

Anonymous said...

i hope you don't mind me picking your brain mine is comatose. what track do you feel is the easiest to handicap, i 'am about 1 hour from mountaineer park and i find it very difficult to handicap. thanks m.a.t. pgh. pa.

TFH Capper said...

I usually do really well at Fair Grounds and Turf Paradise, but, like most cappers, have up and down days at them all. The Mountain and Charles Town are 2 that I find tough...always lots of big prices hitting the board, although the mountain seems to have a bias towards the outside stalls...lots of big winners from the 8,9 and 10 post

Bryan said...

John does quite well at Canterbury.

Now, do quite well in these last 2 baby!