Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday - Charles Town LIVE

race 9 results 1-2-5
win #2
ex 2-1-9 with 2-1-9-5 $35.20
tri box 2-1-9-5 $200.00

race 8 results 7-9-1
win #7 $14.00
ex 7-9-1 with 7-9-1-3 $125.00
tri box 7-9-1-3 $471.40

race 7 results 5-2-6
win #9
ex 9-1-3 with 9-1-3-6
tri box 9-1-3-6

race 6 results 7-5-2
win #3
ex 3-5-7 with 3-5-7-2 $37.00
tri box 3-5-7-2 $228.60

race 5 results 8-7-5
win #5
ex 5-8-1 eith 5-8-1-4
tri box 5-8-1-4

race 4 results 4-5-6
win #7
ex 7-5-3 with 7-5-3-4
tri box 7-5-3-4

race 3 results 7-1-3
ex 3-4-1 with 3-4-1-5
tri box 3-4-1-5

race 2 results 8-6-7
win #6
ex 6-8-7 with 6-8-7-2 $32.60
tri box 6-8-7-2 $95.20

race 1 results 5-1-2
win #2
ex 2 with 1-5-7


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to see your pics before the race starts. I am only seeing your picks after the race has finished. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Disregard last post, I see your picks now. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask how you make your picks, do you use any sort of software, or are you just using straight handicapping skills?

TFH Capper said...

I use a pace handicapping method using a feet per second's pretty much the method laid out in "Modern Pace Handicapping", by Tom Brohamer with a couple of little tweaks

CommandingHeights said...

Nice hits cap, particularly on r6.

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed with your picks tonight, do you change up your tracks from night to night? Also, are your picks derived more from your tweaking or from more of what you've learned from that book?

TFH Capper said...

Mostly from the book. I just kinda use the Beyers from the last 3 clean trips as a means of seperating horses that I like. I switch up tracks quite a bit and if there is something you want me to cap just give me plenty of warning and I'll try to get it on here

Anonymous said...

I gotcha, I've been reading quite a few books here lately, and I'm still trying to develop my own methods for picking winners. I like what I've seen from you so far. Its tough to hit that many exactas and trifectas in one card. Like I said, I'm very impressed and would love to talk with you more about handicapping. I don't want you to tell me your secrets, but maybe just what you are looking at that maybe the general public is not. I hate betting on chalk, and I'm always looking for that next big overlay. As for a track that I would like you to handicap, I'll let you know. I usually only have time to play on the weekends. I'll probably check you out again tomorrow. Keep up the great work. I'm gonna go find that book on Ebay now. Take care.