Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Spot Plays

looks like the #7 is scratched in race 10
if playing a tri or superfecta box, replace with #2 11-3-5-2

pick-3 (races 1-3) 1-8 with 6 with 4-3
pick-3 (races 2-4) 6 with 4-3 with 4-3-2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pick had 8135 and my brother told me about the 4 when they where in the gate i like the 6 and i'll add the 3 in the pick 3 thanks again

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to know if you had a superfecta at belmont race 10 i like 11/3,5/3,5,7/7,2,4,9,8 but iam looking very close at that 10 horse jus need a little guidiance